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Vertica 是什麼?

Vertica 是領先市場的分析資料庫,以最高效能提供最佳價值。 適用於各種資料分析類型、規模和地點。

Vertica 是能以最高效能提供最佳價值的分析資料庫,適用於各種資料分析類型、規模和地點。

以相同成本儲存多 10-30 倍的資料,資料壓縮率高達 90%。

選擇您的授權指標 – 每 TB、每節點或以小時計費。

在內部部署及多雲端上執行 Vertica,或任何具有單一可替代授權的組合,包括 OEM。

投資報酬率達 385% 且不到 6 個月即可回收投資。



Vertica is a columnar, relational, ANSI-Standard SQL, and ACID-compliant database built for the most demanding data analytics use cases.


Vertica 是目前市面上最優異的分析平台, 不僅速度快、可擴充,且獨立於底層基礎架構。

Shemer MashiachDataInfra 解決方案主管

執行 Vertica 即服務或自行管理平台。

Vertica Accelerator

Vertica SaaS 產品可為您的 AWS 雲端帳戶提供整合式、高效能的進階分析與機器學習平台。

Vertica 統一分析平台

由客戶管理的進階分析與資料庫內機器學習平台,可在內部部署和雲端環境中執行並支援 Kubernetes (K8s)。


Vertica 是專為最嚴苛的分析使用案例所打造。 此解決方案以更少的硬體執行更多分析,透過更有效率且更聰明的方式擴充,降低您的儲存與運算成本。


Vertica Analytics Database 在 G2 中榮獲領導者

Nice data warehouse solution

25 5 月, 2023

It is a pretty stable Datawarehouse solution and really manageable in some aspects as many other similar solutions it allows for scale of thousands and thousands of records

Use of Vertica as a Data Warehouse

15 2 月, 2023

Very useful functions in vertica and lots of ways to optimize queries. The documentation of vertica is very extensive. Being a columnar database, it's very effective in analytical uses.

Vertica is a columnar database management system designed for large-scale data analytics

10 2 月, 2023

if you are having very large data volumes and high-speed data ingestion need for your data lake vertica is best solution. Vertica uses advanced compression techniques to reduce the amount of storage space needed for data, improving overall efficiency

Flexible and scalable

30 1 月, 2023

its ability to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, making it an ideal solution for organizations that need to process data in real-time. It provides robust security features, including encryption, access controls, and auditing, to ensure that data is protected and secure.

Finally an Analytic Database management tool for Enterprise Segment

21 12 月, 2022

The best part about this enterprise Analytical Database management tool is the speed. We literally have more than a thousand million rows of data kept there and it is still the fastest tool I came across. Also, we migrtated from the On-Premise to On-Cloud version of it. Also it supports multiple languages which makes it easy for accessing the data.

Vertica 是專為現今資料導向世界的規模及複雜性所打造。

瞭解 Vertica 的分析資料庫如何推動更出色的業務

Vertica 的 Total Economic Impact™ (總體經濟影響™)


Vertica DBaas 在雲端資料庫效能研究中名列前茅

正在考慮使用 SaaS 形式的資料分析功能嗎?

閱讀瞭解為何 McKnight 顧問公司在這份雲端資料庫效能研究中將 Vertica 列為冠軍。

瞭解 Vertica 如何透過提供可擴充且具彈性的開放式資料庫,搭配許多強大功能與部署選項,藉此整合分析功能。


瞭解 Vertica 如何提供開放式、