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Vertica Vertica Insights Newsletter – August 2021
Vertica Announces Vertica 11, Delivering on Vision of Unified Analytics
Vertica 11 was announced at the opening session of Vertica Unify 2021. This new Vertica release offers more in-database machine learning capabilities through the latest release of the VerticaPy open source Python library, which now includes expanded machine learning functionality, connection, and data exploration capabilities as well as graphical capabilities. Vertica 11 expands Vertica in Eon Mode to the Azure cloud, and delivers support for Docker containers and Kubernetes. Read more about the Vertica 11 release here.
All Vertica Unify 2021 content available on demand
Thanks to all who attended Vertica Unify 2021 last month! Now, all content is available on demand – whether you were unable to attend or simply want a second look-n-listen. You can sign in with your conference name and password, or register below, and explore the breakout sessions, keynotes, and more. This was a well-attended event that explored many, many ways to put unified analytics to work. (As a reminder, this event was formerly the Vertica Big Data Conference.) If you haven’t registered, it’s not too late. You can still sign up and catch all the content online. Register (or simply sign in) here.
Unify Blog posts
If you’d like a summary of the keynotes for all three days of Vertica Unify 2021, check out these blog posts now available on
Announcing Early Access of Vertica Accelerator
Vertica Accelerator is our new Vertica-as-a-Service offering that delivers data analytics at top speed from start to finish. Available for free evaluation via the Early Access Program, Vertica Accelerator offers high-performance, scalable analytics, and machine learning to organizations that require the right level of resourcing, management, and control – all built on the proven cloud-native architecture of Vertica in Eon Mode. Join the Early Access Program today.

To learn more about Vertica Accelerator, check out the replay of the technical breakout session from Vertica Unify 2021. Go here, and find “Introduction to Vertica Accelerator Early Access” on Day 2 of the conference, July 21.
New case study: Adform
Adform uses Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform to give its clients sophisticated control, management, and reporting capabilities that maximize their ROI from programmatic advertising. Read about their challenges in the global omnichannel advertising market, and how Vertica is helping them scale and deliver embedded analytics. Find it here.
Upcoming webinars
Find the Balance Between MPP Databases and Spark for Analytical Processing
Are you using Apache Spark for data transformation and analytics, and facing the expense of a larger and larger hardware or cloud infrastructure to support it? Join Vertica’s Paige Roberts and David Menninger, SVP & Research Director, Ventana Research, as they explore why and how to balance two powerful technologies, including how to get the most out of Spark and an MPP database in terms of power, cost, and performance. August 25 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. Register here.
AIOps and Machine Learning Accelerate Root Cause Analysis for IT Decisions
A Data Disruptor webcast

By embedding Vertica and using a unified analytics architectural model, EOITEK is able to accelerate response times by a factor of ten while cutting client hardware requirements from fifty servers to ten. Watch this webcast to learn how EOITEK shortened client troubleshooting time from hours to minutes with artificial intelligence and Vertica. September 8 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. Join us here!
Become a Data-Driven Healthcare Organization - Unify Analytics and Data Science
Data scientists and analysts in healthcare organizations continue to be frustrated by fragmented and siloed views of their data. Join Cynthia Burghard, Research Director for IDC Health Insights, for a discussion around the structural, organizational, and technical challenges facing healthcare organizations on their journey towards becoming data-driven. We will discuss how organizations can modernize their analytics infrastructure, unify disparate data sources regardless of where they reside, reduce time to insight, and operationalize AI and machine. September 23 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. Register here.
Vertica Accelerator – New Unified Analytics SaaS Offering
Join us for a technical deep dive with the team behind Vertica Accelerator, our automated software as a service (SaaS) offering built on Vertica in Eon Mode’s cloud-optimized architecture, leveraging S3 Object Storage on AWS. The session will include a demonstration of how Vertica Accelerator runs on your own AWS public cloud infrastructure in your own AWS account, enabling you to preserve all negotiated pricing and committed spend while automating the setup and management of the Vertica environment. September 28 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. Register here.
New technical blog posts
Hybrid Deployment for an Enterprise Data Warehouse Provides Maximum Benefits
As vital as the cloud can be to improving the economics and agility of Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) provisioning, most enterprises will need some on-premises capability as well to satisfy requirements for performance, privacy, and security, for both them and their customers. Read more about hybrid deployment.
Vertica and Grafana – A New Partnership
We are very excited to announce our official partnership with Grafana and the launch of the certified version of the Vertica Grafana Datasource Plugin.
Announcing Vertica Integration with Querybook
We are pleased to announce the integration of Vertica with Querybook, an open-source IDE developed by Pinterest that allows you to query data, create analyses, and share your queries.
DaaS Labs Embeds Vertica for Machine Learning Analytics at Superior Speed and Scale
A well-known market player in India, DaaS Labs’s Scikiq all-in-one data platform simplifies customers’ analytics needs across data ingestion, data discovery, visualization, governance, and automation. Read more.
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