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Vertica Vertica Insights | March 2021
Partnership with Jaguar Racing – to Deliver Vertica Analytics at Jaguar Speed
Jaguar Racing announced that it has partnered with Micro Focus, ahead of season seven of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. With Micro Focus as the team’s official digital transformation, business resiliency, and analytics partner, Vertica plays a major role in this partnership by delivering the high-performance advanced analytics and machine learning to ensure the Jaguar team performs at top speed for winning results. Read the blog post for more!
InfoWorld names Vertica a top database for machine learning
A Feb. 17 article in InfoWorld names Vertica as one of eight analytical platforms that offer in-database machine learning “right where your data resides.” Authored by contributing editor and reviewer Martin Heller, the article validates two of Vertica’s long-held principles: flexibility in ML modeling and training, and the ability to analyze data without porting it to a central location.
NostraData excels with Vertica and manages exponential data growth
NostraData, an Australia-based information hub for the pharmaceutical supply chain, serves its customers with fast on-boarding, rapid analytics delivery, and management of rebates payments from thousands of suppliers. Read how Vertica erased weeks and months of data delays with 77% data compression, 93% savings on data storage, and a 70% performance boost over SQL Server.
Vertica named to Constellation Research “ShortList”
What a month it’s been for Vertica’s industry recognition! We’re proud to announce that Vertica was named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Hybrid-Cloud and Multicloud Analytical Relational Database Management Systems. This ShortList presents Constellation’s pick of analytical RDBMSs available both as software and database services across multiple public clouds. Vertica delivers the advantages of cloud computing along with hybrid-deployment capability and cloud portability.
Webinar: Probing the concept of cloud-native databases
There’s a lot of buzz about cloud-native databases and how essential their capabilities are when moving data analytics workloads to the cloud. This webinar from our Thought Leadership Series deconstructs the propaganda around cloud-native databases and discusses their place in analytical systems, including deployment, compute and storage separation, autoscaling, and admin. Learn how to deal with concerns like GDPR and other privacy regulations, vendor lock-in, pricing predictability, and more in your analytical database design. View on demand.
New video: What makes today’s software so smart? It’s analytics!
Do you know that Vertica’s unified analytics platform is trusted by the world’s leading data-driven businesses? They’re embedding Vertica into hundreds of different solutions for retail, manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, financial services, agriculture, communications, and online gaming. This brief video provides an overview of where and how Vertica is making a difference. Share it with your data-minded friends!
New Webinars
Dell and Vertica: Leveraging Cloud Technologies for On-premises Analytics
March 31 at 11:00 a.m. EDT

Join this webinar from our Under The Hood series, and hear Thomas Henson, Global Business Development for AI/Analytics at Dell Technologies, and Amit Saha, Principal Product Manager for Big Data Analytics and Cloud for Vertica, as they share how on-premises object stores like Dell ECS can provide a durable data repository for Vertica in Eon Mode. The combined solution gives customers a cost-optimized on-premises architecture for modern analytic workloads at massive scale and speed.
How Intellicta and Vertica Inform Risk Decisions in Cyber Security
March 16 at 1:00 p.m. EDT

Risk decision-making – i.e., choosing among alternatives, each bearing some degree of risk – is challenging, especially as more data streams into our decision-making processes. Yet making fast risk decisions has become a priority for two-thirds of security leaders during the pandemic. Join Intellicta and Vertica as they describe their combination of, respectively, risk platform and unified analytics warehouse achieves a comprehensive view of data, and learn what factors drive good risk decisions.
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