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Vertica Vertica Insights | January 2020
New Case Study
Learn the Advantages of Embedded Vertica!
This new case study describes the data analytics journey at EOITEK, an intelligent big data analytics solution provider helping customers discover the value of operational and maintenance data. Read how embedded Vertica with AI and machine learning delivers 10x faster performance on 80% less hardware.
Upcoming Webinar
Thought Leadership Series: Modernizing the Data Warehousing – Beyond Performance
January 28, 2021, 11:00 a.m. EST or after on-demand

Configuration, management, tuning and other tasks can take away from valuable time spent on business analytics. That’s why an enterprise analytics platform evaluation needs to consider more than simply query price-performance, and consider other features that can have a huge impact on business value. This webinar will go beyond price-performance, and focus on everything else needed to modernize your data warehouse. Register today!
New Webinar Available
2021 Trends in Enterprise Analytics

To become a data-driven business, you need to follow the analytics. Your company’s performance over the coming year will greatly rely on your data architecture, the data itself, and the projects to deliver the right analytics for success. Author and highly regarded analyst William McKnight, President of McKnight Consulting Group, has kicked off year 3 of the Advanced Analytics series, where he describes the trends you should build into your plans, expectations, and vision. Sponsored by Vertica and Pure Storage. Watch now!
New whitepaper
Natural Language Processing Augmented Analytics
While every company strives to be data-driven, that requires making analytics accessible to more people. What could be more accessible than asking your data a question in your own language? This new paper explains natural language processing as an interface for analytics, and covers the challenges and benefits of this exciting technology. Learn how to democratize your analytics, and bring business results to the next level.
Analytics Predictions for 2021
Article in Solutions Review features Vertica’s Paige Roberts
Among other things, Paige explains the rise of the unified analytics warehouse: “During the ten years, while data lake software has been coalescing, analytical databases have seen their benefits and added them to their existing stacks: unlimited scale, support for widely varied data types, fast ingestion of streaming data, schema-on-read, and machine learning capabilities.” Read hers and other predictions from the experts.
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