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Vertica Vertica Insights | October 2020
New video focuses on Vertica’s machine learning power
As the world’s ocean of data grows infinitely larger and more complex, we need more than traditional analytics tools to keep up with the trends, threats, and opportunities. This new video explores how Vertica puts real data science into the hands of any team looking to take machine learning to higher levels of productivity. Check it out!
Webcast: Unified Analytics, with GigaOm’s Andrew Brust
Different data lives in different places for different reasons. So, instead of pursuing a monolithic data storage strategy, work toward a unified approach to analytics, say Vertica’s Paige Roberts and GigaOm analyst Andrew Brust. In this brand new webcast, you’ll learn:
  • Ways to align the interests of analysts, data engineers and data scientists
  • The intersection between unified analytics and hybrid-/multi-cloud
  • Approaches to accommodating complex data types in mainstream analytics
Don’t miss this dynamic, deep-dive presentation, sponsored by GigaOm.
Blog: Future for analytics on the multi-cloud looking rosy
More organizations are adopting a multi-cloud strategy, and cloud spend is rising as organizations put more workloads and data in the cloud. In a recent “State of the Cloud” report, Flexera says 93% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and 87% have a hybrid cloud strategy. Read Jeff Healey’s blog, “Prepare for Your Multi-cloud Future Today,” and learn why Vertica has expanded options and availability onto Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud, while addressing the challenges of hybrid and multi-cloud deployment.
Webinar: Unify Data Analytics
Natural Language Processing Augmented Analytics
Live November 17, 2020 11:00 a.m. US – Eastern Time, later on-demand
The goal of data analytics, whether business intelligence or advanced analytics like machine learning has always been to guide organizations with solid data, rather than feelings. Tune in to learn about natural language processing, its challenges and benefits, and how it can democratize data analytics.
New Vertica case study: How to deliver personalized customer services
Competition in China’s telco industry is hot, and providers need greater market share and customer loyalty to stay on top of their game. This new case study explores how China Telecom Zhejiang is able to use its vast data stores and Vertica to mine fresh insights, and provide customers with customized service and stay ahead of the competition.
Webinar with Dan Vesset from IDC showcases expertise in modern predictive analytics
Overcoming performance and security issues are just some of the hurdles to jump as modern enterprises work toward greater data-driven insights. Join this webinar, on-demand, to watch and listen as IDC, HPE, and Vertica team up to describe how to achieve predictive analytics at scale.
Webcast: Five Ways Analytical Platforms Are Evolving for Your Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Future
Join Doug Henschen, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, and Mike Conway, CTO, Bidtellect for a discussion on the trends in data-driven innovation and next-generation analytical platforms that span multi-cloud and on-premises deployment. You’ll learn:
  • Why hybrid- and multi-cloud deployment flexibility is a must
  • How separation of compute and storage changes the economics of analytics
  • Why operationalizing data science and machine learning is crucial for business impact
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