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Vertica Vertica Insights | September 2020
Vertica proves much faster, with higher concurrency, than 2 major competitors
McKnight Consulting Group’s recent benchmark report confirms that Vertica achieves best performance in all tests for scale and concurrency. Vertica also runs the most queries per hour, at every level of scale and concurrency; cuts performance costs 45%-73% over Amazon Redshift; and totally slashes performance costs by 84%-92% over an unnamed data cloud platform (you know who they are!).

Download the benchmark report.
New case studies showcase Vertica’s performance and savings
Embedded in Lumenore’s data analytics platform, Vertica supports 1,000+ concurrent users for what Lumenore calls “full data democracy.” In this new case study, Lumenore reports a 90% savings from improved performance, and savings on storage costs via Vertica’s high compression ratio.

Domo empowers all sorts of organizations with business intelligence (BI) at cloud scale, and their new case study describes just what they mean by “scale.” Domo customers query more than 100 trillion data rows daily, and Domo’s rules-based AI engine, with Vertica at its center, uses machine learning to eliminate conditions that cause poor performance.
Unify, Analyze, Act: Vertica’s VP, Joy King, in Information Week
Remember when senior decision makers were hired simply because they had experience? Today’s smart organizations know that analytics – listening carefully to what the data is telling you – can mean even more than years in a corner office. Joy King’s new Information Week article explains how Vertica’s Unified Analytics Warehouse is helping businesses become truly data-driven, leading to rapid fact-based decision making.
Comprehensive new brochure highlights groundbreaking Vertica 10 features
This past Spring, Vertica’s release 10 introduced a number of dramatic improvements, including built-in machine learning (slice of VerticaPy, anyone?), a feature-rich Database Designer, more support for hybrid analytics environments, robust security, and more. Check out the new brochure, which covers the basics of what the new Vertica has to offer.
Upcoming Webcast

How a natural language processing approach can improve supply chain responsiveness
Live online Sep 24 10:00 a.m. United States, New York – or later on demand

A data-driven approach and advanced analytics are key to supporting supply chain manager decisions. The natural language processing approach improves their capacity to easily access information wherever they are and at any time. Join Giuseppe Pagannone, Tesisquare and Jeff Healey, Vertica for 60 enlightening minutes online.
“Vertica by the Hour” now available on Google Cloud Platform
Data-driven organizations can now access hourly pricing on Google Cloud Marketplace to apply Vertica’s powerful analytics performance to a wide variety of use cases – from predictive maintenance to customer behavior analytics. Developed in direct response to customer interest in Google Cloud, Vertica by the Hour can be launched in minutes on the Google Cloud Marketplace and Vertica customers can also bring their own license (BYOL) and use the Vertica Management Console for a rapid and customized deployment on Google Cloud.

Read the press release!
Vertica now supports Alibaba Cloud
Announced in September, Vertica’s new partnership with Alibaba Cloud Platform is bringing high performance data analytics to a wider Asian market. With subscription pricing hosted on the Alibaba Cloud, the scale and performance that Vertica delivers for the world’s largest and most data-driven organizations can now be deployed in minutes through the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.

Read the press release for details.
Taking memories, leaving only footprints: A Vertica engineer and his favorite gadgets
Mark Whalley, already famous for his home-built radar flight tracking with Raspberri Pi and Kafka flowing into Vertica, adds the ability to track the exact location of the mobile flight radar antennae in GPS coordinates. Then he uses this sophisticated hand-made machine for the very important task of tracking his path on a beach in Wales as he makes giant graffiti in the sand.

Read the blog post.
Constellation Research Webinar:
Five Ways Analytical Platforms Are Evolving for Your Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Future
October 15, 2020, 11:00 a.m. Eastern

How can organizations future proof their investments, while avoiding cloud lock-in – or architecting for two separate (cloud and on-premises) worlds? Join Doug Henschen, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, and Mike Conway from Bidtellect as our featured customer, to learn about the trends in data-driven innovation and next-generation analytical platforms that can span multiple cloud and on-premises deployment. You’ll hear:
  • Why hybrid- and multi-cloud deployment flexibility is a must
  • How separation of compute and storage changes the economics of analytics
  • Why operationalizing data science innovation, leveraging machine learning, is crucial for business impact
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