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Vertica Vertica Insights | February 2020
New article: “How bigger data is activating analytics”
By Joy King, VP of Vertica Product Management

Access to and analysis of data is reorienting everything from customer service, to logistics and fulfilment, to product and software development. And that is providing actionable insight well beyond the bottom-line of financial results. Read the ways Vertica is helping organizations build seamless, rapid, end-to-end data operations to out-compete the market.
Blog post: Finding patterns in stock prices with Vertica
By Bryan Herger, Vertica Big Data Solution Architect, Micro Focus

Smart-up your investment know how! Vertica can ingest data from many sources and enable SQL-based preparation and analytics. Here is another real-world example: Using Vertica to find patterns in a public data set of stock and (Exchange-Traded Fund) ETF prices from Kaggle.
Vertica BDC 2020- March 3 to April 2
For a limited time, register three of your colleagues and get two free passes to the Vertica Big Data Conference 2020. You’ll save nearly $2,000. Find more great reasons to attend.
Delivering cyber risk assessment analytics
Learn how TechDemocracy incorporates Vertica to power Intellicta, the cloud solution for understanding a company’s cybersecurity and compliance levels.
Vertica Academy reaches 1,236 users in 8 weeks!
See what all the excitement is about at Vertica Academy, where you can access Vertica classes, workshops, and training – all on your terms.
Data Disruptors Webcast Series
Join Vertica’s Data Disruptors customer webcast series to discover what’s possible in Big Data with conversations and insights from the world’s leading data-driven companies.
Under the Hood Webcast Series
Join Vertica’s Under the Hood product deep dive webcast series to learn what makes Vertica the fastest, most scalable advanced analytics platform with no limits and no compromises.

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