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Vertica Vertica Insights | July 2019
Vertica Ranked #1 Cloud Data Warehouse!
According to the latest 2019 Cloud Data Warehouse Buyer’s Guide from IT Central Station, Vertica outranked Redshift, Snowflake, IBM dashDB and others to take home the number one spot.

The report, which ranked vendors based on IT Central Station’s reviews, ratings, comparisons and other criteria, highlighted Vertica’s core strengths in the cloud data warehouse market. Below are a subset of the customer testimonials included in this report:
  • “Vertica’s analytic capabilities are its key strength. It can aggregate and analyze data at massive scale and neatly bring the calculation logic to the data with external procedures in C, Java and R.”
  • “The core feature, meaning their highly efficient columnar file format and execution engine along with a great coverage of ANSI SQL, provides our analysts with a highly expressive and performing platform.”
  • “Before Vertica, we used a combination of sharded RDBMSs and Hive: the typical runtime for a query was in the hours. It's now in the seconds.”
Customer Spotlight: Cyberbit
Cyberbit, a global provider of cybersecurity products, developed the Cyberbit Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), an advanced endpoint security solution, which uses behavioral analysis to detect and respond to threats that go undetected by conventional systems.

To provide effective detection, Cyberbit’s EDR continuously records events from the organization’s endpoints. This data is collected across the entire network and sent to a central Vertica Analytics Platform, where behavioral analysis algorithms identify clusters of related events that indicate an attack.
Vertica's Architect Direction
Vertica Chief Architect Chuck Bear describes our journey to converge Enterprise and Eon Mode into one system with enterprise performance in the cloud, and cloud flexibility on premise.
Vertica Big Data Conference 2020
We’re excited to announce Jeffrey Ma and Ray Wang have been added to our conference speaker list! Don’t miss out on these and many other incredible presentations at the Vertica BDC 2020.
Data-Centric Security with Vertica
Paige Roberts sheds light on the challenges surrounding data analytics and data protection, and the importance of referential integrity when it comes to analyzing encrypted data.
Data Disruptors Webcast Series
Join Vertica’s Data Disruptors customer webcast series to discover what’s possible in Big Data with conversations and insights from the world’s leading data-driven companies.

August 1: Delivering personalized retail promotions using AI and predictive analytics
Under the Hood Webcast Series
Join Vertica’s Under the Hood product deep dive webcast series to learn what makes Vertica the fastest, most scalable advanced analytics platform with no limits and no compromises.

July 24: It’s Time for Time Series – Built-in Analytics in Vertica
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