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Vertica Vertica Insights | January 2019
GigaOm Enterprise Roadmap: ”Vertica…outperforms rivals at all levels of data volume and concurrency.”
In their latest Enterprise Roadmap report for Cloud Analytics Databases, GigaOm claims that conventional analytical databases and data warehouse systems are becoming unwieldy due to scalability limitations, the associated large capital outlay, and administrative burden. Thanks to the cloud, analytical engines can be deployed quickly and scaled to fit without taking up space in an on-premises server room rack.

GigaOm’s report reviewed top cloud analytic database platforms across the six most important decision criteria, and concluded that, “Vertica in Eon Mode is a solid ANSI SQL-compatible relational database which outperforms rivals at all levels of data volume and concurrency.”
Customer Spotlight: Ltd is India’s first pure play consumer Internet company to get listed, with a market capitalization of nearly $40 million. completely relies on data analytics for its online profile matching.

By switching to Vertica, now has access to a scalable, high-performance data analytics platform that leverages existing business processing and hardware infrastructure. They’ve achieved faster time-to-market with no reskilling required, increased BI analyst productivity, and improved real-time reporting for dynamic decision making.
What’s New: Vertica 9.2
Join this Under the Hood webcast to learn about the latest Vertica (9.2) release with updates to Eon Mode, Management Console, SecureData integration and more.
Vertica in the Clouds Video
With complete freedom from underlying infrastructure, Vertica delivers on cloud flexibility like no other platform can. Deploy Vertica on any choice of cloud for any size organization.
Become a Data Rock Star
Read this paper from Datadoodle to learn how business analysts can become Rock Stars with Vertica, featuring insights from hMetrix, Ameripride, and New York Genome Center.
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