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Vertica Vertica Insights | December 2018
Protecting, Securing and Governing Data in Analytics Workflows
Organizations today increasingly depend on analytics to drive strategic and operational decisions. To fuel innovation and improve customer experiences and engagement across channels, organizations are laser-focused on using state-of-the-art data platforms and analytics technologies to extract value from an ever-widening selection of data.

How can organizations address data protection, security and governance challenges as they expand their use of analytics?

Download this TDWI Insight Accelerator report to find out how you can achieve the best of both worlds: that is, meet data security and protection requirements but not hinder your ability to perform business-critical analytics. With the right technology, framework, and practice strategies, any organization can achieve the right balance.
Customer Spotlight: ivi
As the largest online streaming service in Russia, ivi attracts monthly audiences of over 48 million unique visitors accessing an extensive catalogue (65,000+ items) of films, cartoons and TV shows. Given this audience size, understanding exactly what content consumers want, when they want it and on which device is critical for ivi to develop an engaging online streaming service that effectively connects advertisers with the right audience. However, with the company’s legacy PostgreSQL data warehouse, poor performance issues, low productivity, and lack of system flexibility prevented ivi and its partner analysts from accessing the insights they needed to make business decisions in a timely manner.

By switching to Vertica, ivi significantly improved analytical query speed for more detailed business reports, achieved deeper insights on content consumption patterns and advertising metrics, and can now support management decision-making based on operational analytics and reporting.
9.x Predictive Analytics Training
Check out Vertica’s Digital Learning course Predictive Analytics Using Machine Learning to learn the latest in model development, data preparation, regression algorithms and more.
Visual Guide to Data Loading
From COPY commands and Flex Tables to load monitoring and reporting, this infographic gives users an easy to follow visual guide to Vertica’s data loading methods and functions.
Top Vertica Webinars of 2018
2018 was a big year for Vertica webinars, covering everything from machine learning to data lakes, predictive maintenance, Eon Mode and more. Check out our top 10 of 2018.
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