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Prevent Hackers, Headlines, and Headaches with Voltage SecureData for Vertica
By now, most organizations are aware of GDPR and the possible penalties imposed for a breach of your data. But did you know that according to GDPR Article 34, if the stolen data is encrypted, the requirement for public breach notification is waived? It’s true! And we have a solution to encrypt your Vertica database to avoid hackers, headlines, and headaches.

The Voltage SecureData Add-on for Vertica brings a unique data-centric approach to the encryption of data in Vertica, with sensitive information preserved end-to-end, from the moment of capture through business analysis applications and to the back-end data store. Avoid the negative headlines and protect your brand with Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) on data used and stored in your Vertica Analytics Platform.
Customer Spotlight: Wandera
Learn how Wandera, an enterprise mobile security and data management solutions provider, deployed Vertica to replace its legacy system, AWS Redshift, and improve the performance, reliability, and scalability of its mobile protection products. The implementation of Vertica enabled Wandera to avoid hiring additional technical staff to support the legacy platform and improve the IT team’s (managing the data platform) productivity by 18 percent.

Wandera selected Vertica for our flexibility, scalability, speed and storage, and commitment to customer support. As a result, the company achieved a 270% ROI, 3 month payback, and annual benefit of more than $339K.
Climate Corp Webcast
Join our upcoming data disruptors webcast to hear how Climate Corporation uses advanced analytics and digital solutions to help farmers optimize resources and maximize yield.
Waves of Data Modernization
Read this insideBIGDATA article from Vertica’s Jeff Healey to find out why leaders from traditional industries must modernize their data warehouses to out-pace the 21st century disruptors.
Vertica Knowledge Base
Vertica Knowledge Base provides a range of content and information around hardware requirements, ETL and BI integrations and other best practices to help you operate Vertica effectively.
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