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Vertica Vertica Insights | November 2018
Netezza End of Support is coming. Are you ready to modernize?
IBM has announced that PureData System for Analytics (Netezza) will reach End of Support in June, 2019. Don’t get left behind.

Compared with legacy Enterprise Data Warehouse solutions Vertica provides:
  • 50x faster performance or greater
  • Higher concurrency for hundreds of simultaneous users
  • Significant return on investment and annual benefit
  • Rapid payback period
Some customers have achieved over 400% ROI and $13 million in annual benefit when they moved to Vertica. Don’t wait until next year. Find out how you can derive maximum value from your data with a much lower total cost of ownership, by making the switch to Vertica today.
Customer Spotlight: Sportium
With 350,000 betting transactions daily, Sportium is the number one betting provider in Spain, and looking to expand internationally to the Latin America markets. However, with legacy technology and separate Business Intelligence (BI) systems for each of its key sales channels, Sportium struggled to create the visibility needed for comprehensive data analytics.

With Vertica, Sportium can now provide partners with accurate real-time reporting, and give them guidance and ideas for improving their business using data analytics. Read this case study to learn how Sportium leveraged Vertica to achieve comprehensive real-time analytics, self-service data analytics capability for end-users, and improved protection of sensitive customer data.
Vertica in Eon Mode Webcast
Join our upcoming Under the Hood webcast for a deep dive on Vertica in Eon Mode, and the power of separating compute resources from shared storage on the AWS Cloud.
Random Forest ML Function
Like all Vertica in-database machine learning functions, Random Forest is highly scalable and easy to use. See how it works with the Diamond dataset and a few lines of SQL.
It’s Time You Seized the Data
Big Data is pushing humanity into new ways of thinking and seeing how the future can be. How will Big Data shape your future? Seize the data with Vertica Analytics Platform.
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