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Vertica Vertica Insights | September 2018
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The Power of Parallelizing Python
Python is a powerful programming language used for a variety of analytic use cases, and it is rapidly becoming the language of choice for data scientists and analysts of all types. Now, by combining Python with a massively parallel processing (MPP) database such as Vertica, you can overcome the scale and analytics challenges that often plague Python users.

Vertica’s built-in integration with Python allows data scientists to analyze larger volumes of data and conduct deeper analysis to help you achieve new heights as a Python programmer. To further that goal, we are excited to announce that Vertica-Python, the open source native python adaptor for Vertica created by Uber Technologies Inc., will become Vertica’s first officially supported database client.
Customer Spotlight: Cardlytics
Learn how Cardlytics uses purchase intelligence to make marketing more relevant and measureable while strengthening the role banks play within the flow of commerce. For several years, the company relied on a traditional RDBMS (SQL row store database) platform. However, each time the company added a new partner, Cardlytics’ volume of data mushroomed, requiring a more scalable architecture and improved processing speed. By migrating to the Vertica Analytics Platform, Cardlytics increased average customer pipeline 10x, achieved return on investment in just three months, met same-day rapid customer response, and reduced operational overhead by 90%.
Data Disruptors Webcast Series
Join our latest webcast to hear how Zebrium improves the customer support experience by using machine learning to structure product telemetry into a relational system of record.
Fast Data Loading with Vertica
With Vertica’s shared-nothing architecture, data loading can be performed in parallel and scale linearly. Read this post to learn the many ways Vertica enables blazingly fast data loading.
Big Data Transformation
Read this O’Reilly eBook to discover how leading data-driven enterprises including Etsy, Cerner Corporation, and Criteo, are using Vertica to transform their Big Data initiatives.
Try Vertica Advanced Analytics for Free
See for yourself how Vertica delivers blazing fast analytics—on-premises, in the clouds or on Hadoop. Manage and analyze up to 1 TB of data across three nodes for an unlimited time, free of charge or take a test drive of Vertica using sample applications with pre-loaded data, running on AWS and Azure clouds.
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