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Vertica Vertica Insights | March 2018
Do you want to maximize the value of your Time Series data?

Are you collecting massive volumes of Time Series data from IoT sensors, financial markets, IT infrastructure or elsewhere? Want to make the most of this data using anomaly detection, forecasting, pattern matching and other analytical functions? Check out the recent edition of Swiss Analytics Magazine to learn about the latest in Time Series applications, challenges and platform requirements. In this article, Vertica experts will show you how to prepare and analyze Time Series data using aircraft transponder data.
Customer Spotlight: Tuenti

See how Tuenti, a social networking service with over 15 million registered users, leverage Vertica to deliver enhanced user experience and improved operational visibility. With Vertica, Tuenti has reduced time to run a typical query from more than a day to less than a minute, enabled new kinds of queries to be run including funnel and cohort analysis, and compressed annual data on unique users from 1 TB to just 50 GB.

Get a Look at Eon Mode Beta

Join our next Under the Hood webcast to get a firsthand look at Eon Mode Beta, a separation of compute and storage architecture option for Vertica on AWS.

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The Benefit of Projections

See how Vertica supports optimal query processing by storing physical data in objects known as projections, rather than the traditional RDBMS indexes.

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Vertica Startup Accelerator

Our Startup Accelerator program connects qualified early stage companies to the power of Vertica with a free 1-year, 25 TB license. See if you qualify!

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Try Vertica Advanced Analytics for Free

See for yourself how Vertica delivers blazing fast analytics—on-premises, in the clouds or on Hadoop. Manage and analyze up to 1 TB of data across three nodes for an unlimited time, free of charge or take a test drive of Vertica using sample applications with pre-loaded data, running on AWS and Azure clouds.
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