Vertica Vertica Insights | June 2018
Get Started in Minutes with Vertica by the Hour

Want to give Vertica a test drive on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with no time commitments or license requirements? Vertica by the Hour gives you instant access to usage-based, per-node hour pricing directly from AWS Marketplace. Spin up Vertica in Enterprise Mode or Eon Mode, with unlimited data and free support. The same blazing fast, elastically scalable, advanced analytics platform – now available by the hour.
Customer Spotlight: Lab4Motion

Learn how Lab4Motion leverages Vertica to manage real-time simultaneous data ingestion and manipulation to support clients with a data-driven, personalized service to their end customers. With Vertica, Lab4Motion has moved from traditional BI research to true data science in order to deliver sophisticated video-based retail analytics, aid decision making, and add value to clients. Lab4Motion now has a scalable and reliable data analytics platform for fast processing and near real-time analytics, with 30 percent total cost of ownership savings.

Key Terms for Machine Learning

Machine learning is everywhere, but unless you’re a data scientists, terminology can get confusing. Find out what fundamental terms, workflows and components you’re likely to encounter.

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Building an IoT Solution

Did you miss our latest Under the Hood Webcast? See why more companies are turning to Vertica to manage and analyze large volumes of sensor data for predictive maintenance solutions

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The Eon Mode Architecture

Read the latest paper from Vertica CTO Ben Vandiver and our engineering team to find out how Eon Mode enables separation of compute and storage to help capitalize on AWS cloud economics.

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Try Vertica Advanced Analytics for Free

See for yourself how Vertica delivers blazing fast analytics—on-premises, in the clouds or on Hadoop. Manage and analyze up to 1 TB of data across three nodes for an unlimited time, free of charge or take a test drive of Vertica using sample applications with pre-loaded data, running on AWS and Azure clouds.
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