Vertica Vertica Insights | January 2018
Analyze Data in the Right Place, for the Right Price

Do you have growing data lake in HDFS or S3? Would you like to analyze that data at an economically favorable price? Take advantage of the time-limited Vertica External Data promotion and analyze all of your data in Parquet or ORC formats stored in HDFS or S3. With Vertica External tables, you can:
  • Accelerate Data Science
  • JOIN External Data
  • Train Machine Learning Models
  • Support Full Information Lifecycle Management
Customer Spotlight: Cerner Corporation

See how Cerner Corporation was able to raise concurrency to more than 450 simultaneous users and improve query performance by 6,000% when they moved from an existing general-purpose database to the Vertica Analytics Platform.

Get Under the Hood of Vertica

Visit the Vertica Demo site to register for upcoming live demos and check out previous recordings, including predictive maintenance, clickstream analytics, and more.

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Challenges with the Hadoop Stack

Hadoop ecosystem solutions show promise on their own,but to really “do” enterprise big data analytics, you need an enterprise data warehouse.

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Unlock Machine Learning

Creating a competitive advantage depends on your ability to transform massive volumes of data into meaningful insights. Find out how with Vertica in-database machine learning.

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Try Vertica Advanced Analytics for Free

See for yourself how Vertica delivers blazing fast analytics—on-premises, in the clouds or on Hadoop. Manage and analyze up to 1 TB of data across three nodes for an unlimited time, free of charge and/or take a test drive of Vertica using sample applications with pre-loaded data, running on AWS and Azure clouds.
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