Vertica Vertica Insights | April 2018
Datanami: The New Economics of the Separation of Compute and Storage

No one can predict the future analytical needs of their business. The right storage needs today might not be the right storage needs next year or even next week. An organization’s workload requirements might grow five-fold by next year, or next quarter, or next month. Given the ever-changing nature of data analytics and infrastructure requirements, how can today’s businesses manage dynamic workloads both effectively and economically? Read this recently published Datanami article to learn how the separation of compute and storage provides maximum flexibility and enables organizations to minimize resource burdens while maximizing business value.
Customer Spotlight: SysMech

Learn how SysMech incorporates Vertica into the company’s Zen Operational Intelligence Software to drive an entirely new approach to network management and provide telecommunications companies on-the-spot information and operational intelligence. SysMech’s Zen software captures 100s of billions of performance counters daily in real time, which it processes in Vertica, and provides data from 35-75+ network interfaces for use in resolving network issues.

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Join our next Under the Hood webcast to see why more intelligent device manufacturers are turning to Vertica to manage and analyze large volumes of IoT sensor data for predictive maintenance solutions.

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Why You Should Love Ntile

Visiting Los Angeles soon? Read this post to learn how the Ntile function allows you to break down data sets into n groups so you can more easily find patterns in data, such as temperatures in LA.

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