Vertica Customer Reference Program

Why be a Vertica Reference?

Celebrate your success with Vertica by sharing your achievements with your peers and other organizations.

Why Share Your Story?

Vertica customer advocates share their stories with colleagues and the industry for a variety of reasons, including gaining recognition — and often more funding — for their world-class analytical initiatives.

Share Only What Works For You

Your time is precious. Our flexible program lets you choose the reference assets and activities that support your company’s strategy and goals and have minimum impact on your time. Choose what works for you and how often you participate. You can also stop taking part at any time.

  • Demonstrate thought leadership
  • Enhance internal communications
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Gain exposure with key influencers
  • Expand peer relationships

The Case Study Process

If a case study opportunity arises and you want to participate, we work with you and your communications department to help you develop your story; then we ensure your full approval before publication. We also establish any other reference activities you would be willing to participate in.

  1. Interview
    Our writer will contact you to arrange a convenient time to interview you via telephone. The telephone call will take less than 45 minutes of your time.
  2. Approve
    We will send you the written text for your approval. You will have the opportunity to change any text you are not completely happy with at this stage. We will not publish anything that you are not 100% happy with.

Other Reference Activities

Event Speaker
Speaker slots provide you with an opportunity to elevate your profile with peers at Vertica and industry event by highlighting your business success.

Reference Call or Visit
If you agree, you will at your convenience speak to potential Vertica customers about your experiences with our solutions or host a visit to your site. This allows you to demonstrate thought leadership while supporting your peers.

Media Relations
You can work with our media team to publicize your relationship and business success with Vertica in key business and trade publications.

Analyst Request
Analysts are a vital source of information for business leaders. You can share your journey and demonstrate growth and success with key influencers.

Reference Assets

Case Study
A case study details your analytics story with Vertica. It outlines your journey and success in accelerating your business.

Audio and Video
Share your journey through video and audio, bringing the story of your challenges, solution and results to life.

Logo Usage
This allows Vertica to use your company logo in sales and marketing activities, and with analysts.

Client List
This allows Vertica to use your company name when speaking externally to prospects and for marketing activities.

Join our Customer Reference Program

As a Vertica customer, you are doing amazing things. We help you to use technology to slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value. In turn, you transform industries, markets and lives.