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A warm greetings to all big data practitioners and Vertica enthusiasts,

I’m delighted to say that our Virtual Vertica Big Data Conference 2020 was an enormous success! Despite the challenges that COVID19 has presented to us all, we were able to host 20 fully virtual sessions led by leading big data industry experts and Vertica engineers. Now, you can find all the recorded sessions here, along with the follow-up Q&As, and experience for yourself how major innovators unlock the potential of data.

These sessions describe many ways you can apply new techniques to your own analytics initiatives. You can also learn about the latest improvements and additions to the Vertica Analytics Platform and solutions ecosystem.

Thank you for making this 2-day event such an exciting virtual adventure! Our next Vertica Big Data Conference is already scheduled for March 29-April 1, 2021, at the Encore Boston Harbor Hotel, and I look forward to meeting you then, in person.

– A message from Colin Mahony, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Vertica, Micro Focus

Vertica BDC sessions are grouped into three categories:

The #1 reason that attendees will join the Virtual Vertica Big Data Conference is to catch as many breakout sessions as possible. And we have lined up 20 must-see sessions delivered by Vertica engineers, best practices experts, and leading customers. Because it can be tough to choose one session over another at a scheduled time, all sessions will be recorded for you to view on-demand after the event concludes.

Best Practices

Essential big data techniques explained by Vertica experts, covering topics like data migration and ETL, as well as query optimization and Vertica in Eon Mode use cases.
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Customer-led Sessions

Presentations from businesses with unique big data requirements that Vertica has helped solve, from deriving insights from massive data sets to root cause analysis and incident detection.
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Engineering-led Sessions

Learn directly from the Vertica engineering team, who will cover a variety of topics including modeling for machine learning, security, complex data types, Vertica extensibility, and more.
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View the daily agenda (Day 1 and Day 2) and plan your BDC Virtual sessions. Download the summary agenda pdf.