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Accelerate your time to insights using Community Edition. Vertica is the industry’s most unified analytics warehouse that enables your organization to derive maximum value from a big data analytics and machine learning solution. Store and analyze up to 1 TB of data for free with no time limit. Install Vertica CE on-premises, as a VM, on Apache Hadoop, in your choice of clouds (AWS, Azure, Google), or in hybrid environments.

  • Install Vertica CE on up to 3 nodes
  • Store and analyze up to 1 TB of structured and semi-structured data
  • Use Vertica for SQL on Apache Hadoop for data exploration as part of Vertica CE free trial
  • Enjoy no time limits or license requirements

The Vertica Analytics Platform is consciously designed with speed, scalability, simplicity, and openness at its core and architected to handle the largest analytical workloads via a distributed compressed columnar architecture. Fueled by petabyte-sized volumes of Big Data found in both small and large, data-driven organizations, the Vertica Big Data Analytics Platform is a SQL analytics solution built from the ground up to handle massive volumes of data and delivers blazing fast big data analytics.

The platform is available in the broadest range of deployment and consumption models, including on premise, on Hadoop, and in the clouds, or a hybrid model. Whether you’re just starting out or have been an innovator in big data analytics for a long time, Vertica delivers the proven performance and scale for today’s data-driven world.

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Here’s Why You should Join Vertica’s Big Data Analytics Community

Whether you’re a data scientist wanting to fine-tune SQL analytic queries and explore machine learning, or a novice who just wants to get your feet wet in the big data space, Vertica Community Edition (CE) is a great place to start. You can work with up to 1 terabyte of stored data, and up to 3 compute and storage nodes. For teams just getting started, this can serve as much more than just a proof-of-concept – it can actually accelerate your big data journey.

Vertica Community Edition also gives you installation and configuration guidance. You have access to the Vertica User Forum, where you can find fast answers to many common questions for new users. Or you can ask just about anything, and receive a response out of the deep well of Vertica customer knowledge. As with any software community, Vertica users love to share their tips and tricks. You’ll also find a thoughtful vanguard of big data analytics enthusiasts, happy to consider your big data issues, and share with you the stories of their own trials and successes.

What the Vertica community has built with their many different installations is truly amazing. They’ve based their systems on unique infrastructures, consisting of public cloudson-premises resources, Hadoop data lakes, and everything in between. Many of our customers began their journey by trying out the Community Edition. In fact since 2016, we’ve seen nearly 20,000 CE downloads.

We know you have a number of big data analytics solutions to consider in today’s marketplace, and of course we want you to try Vertica. Here’s one thing to consider: Some popular big data platforms offer a cloud-only solution, meaning that on-premises resources get factored out of the analytics infrastructure. For some small-to-medium businesses, that may be ok today. But why prohibit your business from growing into domains that require some or all of your data to reside on-prem? Or why restrict your big data operations to the cloud alone, if you already have hybrid cloud resources you want to include in your big data footprint?

It’s easy to join the Vertica big data community, and put the power of ground-breaking speed and scale to work on your big data challenges. 

Helpful Resources for Vertica’s Big Data Analytics Users

Knowledge Base

The Vertica Knowledge Base provides documents about hardware requirements for your database, how to connect to Vertica from our ETL and BI partners, and best practices guides that help you operate and monitor your database effectively.

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The Vertica Blog publishes multiple posts each week that enable you to get the best out of your database. The blog features quick tips for everyday Vertica usage, expanded explanation of specific Vertica capabilities, and descriptions of how to use the new database features in each software release.

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User Forum

The User Forum is the best place to connect with Vertica engineers and other Vertica customers to get quick answers to problems or bottlenecks you are experiencing. Many Vertica experts monitor the User Forum daily to share their expertise.

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