Method Definition
vDataFrame.to_csv Creates a CSV file of the current vDataFrame relation.
vDataFrame.to_db Saves the vDataFrame current relation to the Vertica database.
vDataFrame.to_geopandas Converts the vDataFrame to a Geopandas DataFrame.
vDataFrame.to_json Creates a JSON file of the current vDataFrame relation.
vDataFrame.to_list Converts the vDataFrame to a Python list.
vDataFrame.to_numpy Converts the vDataFrame to a Numpy array.
vDataFrame.to_pandas Converts the vDataFrame to a pandas DataFrame.
vDataFrame.to_pickle Saves the vDataFrame to a Python pickle file.
vDataFrame.to_shp Creates a SHP file of the current vDataFrame relation.

vDataFrame Management

Method Definition
vDataFrame.del_catalog Delete the current vDataFrame catalog.
vDataFrame.load Loads a previous structure of the vDataFrame. Saves the current structure of the vDataFrame.
vDataFrame.set_cursor Sets a new DB cursor. Very usefull if the connection to the DB is lost.
vDataFrame.set_schema_writing Sets a new writing schema, this schema will be to use to create temporary table if it is necessary.

vDataFrame Information

vDataFrame.catcol Returns the vDataFrame categorical vcolumns based on a cardinality threshold.
vDataFrame[].category Returns the vcolumn category.
vDataFrame[].ctype Returns the vcolumn DB type.
vDataFrame.current_relation Returns the current vDataFrame relation.
vDataFrame.datecol Returns all the vDataFrame vcolumns of type date.
vDataFrame.dtypes Returns the different vcolumns types.
vDataFrame[].dtype Displays and Returns the vcolumn Data type.
vDataFrame.empty Returns True if the vDataFrame is empty.
vDataFrame.expected_store_usage Returns the vDataFrame expected store usage.
vDataFrame.explain Provides information on how Vertica is computing the current vDataFrame relation.
vDataFrame.get_columns Returns the vDataFrame vcolumns.
vDataFrame.head Returns the vDataFrame head.
vDataFrame[].head Returns the vcolumn head.
vDataFrame.iloc Returns a part of the vDataFrame (delimited by an offset and a limit).
vDataFrame[].iloc Returns a part of the vcolumn (delimited by an offset and a limit). Displays information about the different vDataFrame transformations.
vDataFrame[].isdate Returns True if the vcolumn category is date, False otherwise.
vDataFrame[].isnum Returns True if the vcolumn is numerical, False otherwise.
vDataFrame.memory_usage Returns the vDataFrame memory usage.
vDataFrame[].memory_usage Returns the vcolumn memory usage.
vDataFrame.numcol Returns the vDataFrame numerical vcolumns.
vDataFrame.tail Returns the vDataFrame tail.
vDataFrame[].tail Returns the vcolumn tail.
vDataFrame[].store_usage Returns the vcolumn expected store usage (unit: b).
vDataFrame.swap Swap the two input vcolumns.
vDataFrame.version Returns the Vertica version.