Correlation & Dependancy

Method Definition
vDataFrame.acf Computes the correlations of the input vcolumn and its lags.
vDataFrame.chaid Returns a CHAID (Chi-square Automatic Interaction Detector) tree.
vDataFrame.corr Computes the Correlation Matrix of the vDataFrame.
vDataFrame.corr_pvalue Computes the Correlation Coefficient of the two input vcolumns and its pvalue.
vDataFrame.cov Computes the Covariance Matrix of the vDataFrame.
vDataFrame.iv_woe Computes the Information Value (IV) Table.
vDataFrame[].iv_woe Computes the Information Value (IV) / Weight Of Evidence (WOE) Table.
vDataFrame.pacf Computes the partial correlations of the input vcolumn and its lags.
vDataFrame.pivot_table_chi2 Returns the chi-squared term using the pivot table of the response vColumn against the input vcolumns.
vDataFrame.regr Computes the Regression Matrix of the vDataFrame.