Function Definition
available_connections Displays all available connections.
change_auto_connection Changes the current auto connection.
close_connection Closes the connection to the database.
connect Connects to the database.
current_connection Returns the current database connection.
current_cursor Returns the current database cursor.
delete_connection Deletes a specified connection from the connection file.
get_connection_file Gets (and creates, if necessary) the auto-connection file.
new_connection Saves the new connection in the VerticaPy connection file.
read_auto_connect Automatically creates a connection using the auto-connection.
read_dsn Reads the DSN information from the VERTICAPY_CONNECTIONS environment variable or the input file.
set_connection Saves a custom connection to the VerticaPy object.
vertica_connection Reads the input DSN to create a connection to a Vertica database.
verticalab_connection Returns the VerticaLab connection, if any.