Geospatial Function

Function Definition
coordinate_converter Converts between geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) and Euclidean coordinates (x,y).
create_index Creates a spatial index on a set of polygons to speed up spatial intersection with a set of points.
describe_index Retrieves information about an index that contains a set of polygons.
intersect Spatially intersects a point or points with a set of polygons.
rename_index Renames a spatial index.
split_polygon_n Splits a polygon into (nbins ** 2) smaller polygons with approximately the same total area.

Import / Export

Function Definition
utilities.read_shp Ingests a SHP file.
vDataFrame.to_geopandas Converts the vDataFrame to a Geopandas DataFrame.
vDataFrame.to_shp Creates a SHP file of the current vDataFrame relation.

Plotting & Graphics

Function Definition
vDataFrame[].geo_plot Draws the Geospatial Object.

Generic Functions

Function Definition
stats.apply Applies any Vertica function on the input expressions.