Starting with release 9.1 and continuing with release 9.2, Vertica has removed support for the following projections:
  • Release 9.1: Projection buddies with different SELECT and ORDER BY clauses. All projection buddies must specify columns in the same order. Projections with non-compliant buddies are regarded by the Vertica database as unsafe.
  • Release 9.2: Pre-join and range segmentation projections. If a table’s only super-projection is one of these projection types, the projection is also regarded as unsafe.

Before upgrading to any Vertica release higher than 9.0.x, you are strongly urged to check that all projections in the current database comply with these new requirements.

Warning: If the upgrade encounters non-compliant projections, it is liable to fail. You must then revert to the previous installation.

Solution: Download and run the pre-upgrade script.

The pre-upgrade script analyzes your current database and returns recommendations. If it identifies unsupported projections, it lists them. If the script finds projection buddies with different SELECT and ORDER BY clauses, it also generates a deploy script. The deploy script remedies these projections so they comply with system K-safety.

For details, see the pre-upgrade README.