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Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage

Vertica has partnered with Pure Storage to deliver Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage – the industry’s first and only analytical database solution that separates compute from storage for on-premises environments. Vertica in in Eon Mode for Pure Storage drives better economics and greater choice for customers by expanding the ability to dynamically manage workloads and simplify operations beyond public clouds. It leverages S3 Object Storage – to Pure Storage FlashBlade™, an on-premises distributed file and object storage solution. With this solution, customers can bring varying levels of compute to the database by scaling the cluster up or down, scale compute to the “hot data” without archiving inactive data, and isolate workloads by business unit or type using subclusters. These capabilities enable you to take advantage of the operational efficiency and flexibility of a cloud data warehouse within your on-premise senvironment.

About Pure Storage

With a top spot for 5 consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 86.6, Pure Storage is a leader in all flash solutions for customers' on-prem and cloud infrastructure needs. Pure Storage FlashBlade is industry's first purpose built all flash product for file and object storage workloads. A FlashBlade system can simultaneously host multiple file systems and multi-tenant object store for thousands of clients. More than 1,500 customers solve their data protection, analytics, AI, and high-performance computing problems with Pure Storage solutions. Vertica and Pure Storage have partnered to build joint solutions that can solve customers' pain points with enhanced performance and lower total cost of ownership for a true data-driven culture. For more information, please visit www.purestorage.com


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