Natsoft is a boutique technology company headquartered in the US with offices in India, Australia, Canada and Singapore. It helps over 250 of its clients from small private to large fortune companies including the public sector to solve real-life challenges, transform operations, improve customer service, and create new business models by leveraging digital technologies. Natsoft offers a wide range of capabilities and partnerships to deploy an array of technologies, do systems integration and to build comprehensive solutions customized to their client’s needs.

Natsoft clientele and the technology solutions are diverse to a wide industry spread from manufacturing to services and pharma to technology. Besides helping its clients migrate from legacy to ERPs, CRMs and other technologies, the company has also developed products and digital solutions. The Company has even built capability to offer solutions in the emerging technologies like Blockchain, Big Data, AI and IoT to be delivered on-premises or offered as Subscription models.

Most recently the company has set up a research and development lab with a leading university to focus on researching real-world industry problems and use Blockchain and other digital technologies to build solutions to solve them.

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