Founded in 2015, Livejourney is an innovative Process Mining platform to control all company's business processes in real time. Livejourney gives you visibility into how processes are working on real life and give to your team the power to understand, monitor and act with greater speed and accuracy.

Livejourney is a complete solution, capable of processing all operations relating to events data, from collection to the implementation of predictive models. Companies will be able to use it on all their activities (Supply Chain, Customer experience, P2P, Security and fraud, Production) in order to pilot for example a customer journey, a billing path, etc. The user will have the possibility of viewing an activity workflow based on a dynamic calendar which simultaneously offers: Monitoring of the Past, Monitoring of the Present (Real time), Monitoring of the Future (Predictive AI) in order to pilot, analyze, alert, communicate, optimize.

Livejourney software contains a set of modules that are easy to use:

  • Process discovery to visualize and understand the processes in action
  • Process monitoring to monitor the business process performance and incidents from all sources
  • Process Enhancement to predict issues before they happen

Livejourney can be implemented on SaaS and On-Premise Model.

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