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Dell ECS, the world’s most cyber-secure object storage1, boasts unmatched scalability, performance, resilience, and economics. Deployable as a turnkey appliance, ECS delivers rich S3-compatibility on a globally distributed architecture, empowering organizations to support enterprise workloads such as cloud-native, archive, IoT, AI, and big data analytics applications at scale.

Dell storage platforms deliver rich S3 compatibility and multiprotocol interoperability, making them the ideal modern data lake. When combined with Vertica in Eon Mode, you can additionally use it to create an ACID-compliant data warehouse with petabyte-scale and excellent concurrency. Your organization can fuel the next wave of data-hungry AI, machine learning, IoT, analytics, and cloud-native applications.

Dell PowerScale, the world’s most flexible1 and secure scale-out NAS solution2, is designed to be reliable at any scale. Regardless of the kind of data, where it lives, or how big it gets, your data lake always stays simple to manage, simple to grow, simple to protect, and simple enough to handle the most demanding workloads of today and tomorrow. PowerScale offers optimum economics for demanding NAS workloads with massive capacity of up to 186 PB raw in a 252-node cluster.

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