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Aptusdatalabs Technologies Private Limited (“Aptus Data Labs”) is an innovative Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics company. Besides building advanced business analytics solutions across platforms and industries, we also provide consulting and technical services.  Founded under the credo ‘Big Decisions Assured’, Aptus Data Labs helps businesses make quick and cogent data-driven decisions essentially required to sustain and grow the business in tandem with evolving industry trends.

With several years of business domain expertise, Aptus Data Labs innately understands the core needs of industries, enabling a cohesive analytics platform that helps organizations gain a competitive edge in a fast changing and highly competitive market environment. Aptus Data Labs’ has developed a ‘comfort zone’ in creating a Data to Decision (D2D) framework that diligently takes care of the entire analytics value chain – right from curating and deciphering massive amounts of granular data to producing critical business decisions, and quickly at that. Aptus Data Lab’s value-driven and customer-centric business domain expertise help organizations navigate the data analytics path seamlessly and smoothly.

Aptus Data Labs has over 750+ years of collective industry experience with multiple domain expertise. It has been in business for more than 6 years now and is continuously aiding businesses in reducing their data woes and extract cogent insights from them. With an international presence and across regions (offices at San Jose, Johannesburg,  Bangalore, Mumbai, and Bhubaneswar), Aptus Data Labs also has global accounts in its clientele base. With the right mix of talent, Aptus Data Labs holds certified resources across various tools and technologies such as - RapidMiner, Microsoft, MapR, AWS, Azure, Vertica, PowerBI, Yellowfin, UiPath, CBIP, PMP/PMI, & ITIL to name a few. Aptus Data Labs constantly encourages its talent to enhance their individual skills through new product training, technology symposia, and summits.

Our core focus is to enable our customers on industrializing their AI solutions, building Data & AI Accelerators at scale for rapid development , provide advisory & technical services and operationalizing their Data Science and Analytics platforms. Here are our core strength:


Analytics Business Solutions Data & AI Accelerators Advisory & Technical Services

Manufacturing, Food / Meat

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Retail, CPG



Business Functions


Supply Chain, Data & Analytics

Industry 4.0

Retail Analytics

Retail Banking

Information Technology

Data Digitization as a Service

Data Fabric & Microservices

Data Ingestion & Preparation

Distributed Data Lakes

Analytics & AI DevOps

ML & AI Utilities Library

Optimization & Simulation

Self Service Analytics

Platform Aware Containers

Automated Data Pipelines

Augmented Analytics

      Data & AI - Advisory Services

Data Engineering & Value Management

Analytics and AI Platform

Cloud Computing

Analytics Modernization & Migration

Operationalize Data Science Platform &  24x7 Support


Aptus Data Labs is the OEM as well as  reseller partner of Vertica Platform.  We built business analytics solution on the Vertica platform and our engagement and value addition -

  • Presales support
  • POC/Pilot Implementation
  • Consulting & Technical Services
  • OEM partnership to build apps “powered by Vertica”
  • Reselling & System Integration partnership for product integration & support - 24x7
  • Invest on skillset, learning and certification
  • Capability Dev - AI solutions, Vertica Eon Implementation

Our partnership with Micro Focus / Vertica platform will enable the customers in the following OEM solutions:

  • AptPlan - AI/ML based intelligent supply chain planning – demand forecasting, demand sensing and supply network planning (https://www.aptplan.ai)
  • Saaransh - Data Digitization as a Service (DDasS) platform. It is a unique DDaaS platform that offers cognitive solutions for digital data capture and automation of back office operation & management (https://www.saaransh.ai)

Our journey and expertise on Vertica:

Contact with us for a demo or discussion – sales@aptusdatalabs.com or info@aptusdatalabs.com

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