Get Started with Vertica – FAST with Full 360

Full 360 is proud to offer ElasticDW – a managed service designed to quickly and easily deploy and get started with Vertica. This “as-a-Service” offering runs on Amazon Web Services to give customers the benefits of Vertica in the cloud while simplifying database management and operations.

ElasticDW features:

Proven cloud native architecture. ElasticDW eliminates the guesswork and hassle of cloud-based Vertica deployments. It builds upon Full 360’s years of experience deploying Vertica in the cloud.

True cloud elasticity. ElasticDW makes Vertica clusters portable, scalable, and disposable. It makes Vertica a truly on-demand service [with Infrastructure as Code]. In less than 30 minutes, a production-ready columnar enterprise data warehouse platform is yours.

Predictable usage costs in your cloud account. ElasticDW deploys Vertica in your cloud account. There are no hidden costs. All resources are clearly visible to you. eDW respects your negotiated discounts with your cloud provider.

Try ElasticDW Free for 90 days or forever for non-commercial use.