Support Notice: Upgrading to 8.0.1 SP1

This release includes certain changes that occur automatically during an upgrade to 8.0SP1.

If your database has unsegmented projections with the same basename, upgrading can prevent your database from restarting.

This is the error:

[ OptAssert (proj->getAnchorTable() == buddyProj->getAnchorTable()) ]

Before upgrading from 7.2.3.x to 8.0.SP1 (8.0.1-0), run this query to check for unsegmented projections with the same basename:

 => select projection_schema, projection_basename, count(distinct anchor_table_id) from projections 
    where not is_segmented group by 1,2 having count(distinct anchor_table_id) > 1;
  • If the query returns 0 rows, continue with the 8.0.1-0 upgrade.
  • If the query returns any rows (such as count=2, in the following example), do not upgrade your database to 8.0.1-0.

Delay upgrading until hotfix 8.0.1-1 (currently in testing) is available. Vertica will announce 8.0.1-1 availability as soon as the hotfix is posted to the FTP site.

 projection_schema | projection_basename | count
 public            | T                   |     2
(1 row)