Embedded Analytics

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Businesses that embed Vertica stand out from the competition and deliver higher value to customers. Specifically designed for analytic workloads, Vertica’s blazing fast speed and performance, advanced analytics, ease of deployment, and support for data scientists make it tailor-made for embedding.

From data monetization to customer retention to compliance to traffic optimization, enterprises that embrace this emerging technology are changing the dynamics of business in every vertical market. All of this brings a major opportunity for OEM software vendors, which can profit by creating analytic data management features or entirely new applications that put customers on a faster path to better, data-driven decision making.

Applications “powered by Vertica” provide unique insights enabling software providers to charge more and form a more intimate customer relationship.

Eckerson Report

The rise of the Hybrid Cloud Data Platform in the Technology Sector

Embedding Analytics into the Modern Software Stack

Product and development teams can use embedded analytics to improve operations and build a streamlined, personalized user experience. In this white paper, learn:

  • Why product teams should consider a Hybrid Cloud Data Platform
  • What capabilities are important for success
  • What steps should be taken to evaluate and embed analytics into your applications


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Analyze IoT sensor data to deliver predictive maintenance with zero unplanned downtime

Unplanned equipment outages in any industry are disruptive, and they can be dangerous, not to mention costly. The medical imaging systems from Philips Healthcare is moving from reactive to data-driven, proactive maintenance, utilizing new sources of sensor data with machine learning models to enable scheduled, predictable, and non-intrusive service actions that don’t interrupt regular clinical workflow. Learn how Philips aims for zero unplanned equipment downtime with predictive analytics.

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Vertica Database Security Requirements Guide (SRG)

Selling into the federal space? Trying to get an Authority to Operate (ATO) or get listed on the DoDIN APL? Or perhaps you just want to ensure that the way you’re deploying Vertica is secure. The Vertica Database Security Requirements Guide (SRG) enables OEM customers to ensure secure Vertica deployment and configuration. Mapping so many government requirements to a specific product to achieve compliance can be challenging. This guide provides configurations and mitigations for Vertica to meet all Database SRG v2r9 requirements. Use this document as a guide for installation and administration of Vertica when deploying within the DoDIN or in any high security environment.

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さまざまな業種で活用できるVertica OEMソリューション


Gain sophisticated control, management, and reporting capabilities that maximize ROI from programmatic advertising.


Recommend the best doctors and diagnoses on the clinical side, while enabling hospitals to operate more efficiently as a business.

Supply Chain

Use machine learning to replace parts immediately and maximize product lifetime profitability to your customers.


Discover the value of operational and maintenance data with AI and machine learning – 10x faster on 80% less hardware.

Technology – Software

See how Natural Language Query allows users to ask the data questions directly, whether via dashboard, chart, or email.

Technology – Storage

Hear how predictive analytics helps to deliver advanced customer insights and 99.9999% availability.

Embed analytics in applications to transform your technology business

How do Amazon, Google, and the other big name providers deliver a smooth, personalized user experience in their SaaS-based apps?

One big ingredient is embedded analytics, and if you’re not doing this with your own PaaS and SaaS apps, you should consider how embedded analytics can transform your business 

Machine Learning analytics at superior speed and scale

Uncovering hidden patterns, trends, correlations, and insights in data helps companies monetize the information they gather. This requires advanced techniques like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and more.

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Find out how Vertica can help OEM software vendors put customers on a faster path to better, data-driven decision making.