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May 5

Micro Focus to Share Insight into Why It Has Expanded Its Partnership with Televerde at Forrester SiriusDecisions Virtual Summit

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 12:35PM - 1:05PM America/New York

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About the Event

In a world of never before encountered challenges causing distance and economic uncertainty businesses must adapt to navigate the ever-shifting landscape. Many companies are reducing spend to decrease risk wherever possible. Marketing is feeling the pinch of reduced budgets and frustration with disrupted strategies, sales is looking to fill unforeseen gaps in their pipeline, while everyone is looking to close more revenue. How do you weigh the reward vs. the risk? How do you see beyond the current situation and evaluate your investments to ensure the dollars are going toward the highest value return? These decisions are much easier when you have the right partner that consistently delivers on their commitments while producing measurable pipeline. That’s one important reason Vertica made the forward-looking decision to lean in toward growth in what others would call uncertain times.

Join this virtual session with Joy King, VP, Vertica Product Management, Marketing & Education, Micro Focus along with Alicia Rasta, VP of Strategic Accounts, Televerde for the case study presentation titled: Risk Vs. Reward: Why Micro Focus Vertica Expanded Their Sales and Marketing Partnership with Televerde in a Constricting World being presented Tuesday, May 5th 12:35 PM EST at the Forrester SiriusDecisions Virtual Summit. You will learn:

• Why Micro Focus chose to partner with Televerde

• How Micro Focus increased pipeline with Televerde • What additional value can and should be provided by your outsourced partner

• What KPI(s) drove the decision to expand the partnership in constricting times

• When the right partner delivering the right results tips the scale towards reward


Tuesday, May 5, 2020 12:35PM - 1:05PM America/New York