Returns information about directed queries.

Column Name Data Type Description
QUERY_NAME VARCHAR This directed query's unique identifier, used by statements such as ACTIVATE DIRECTED QUERY.
IS_ACTIVE BOOLEAN Specifies whether the directed query is active.
VERTICA_VERSION VARCHAR The Vertica version used when this directed query was created.
COMMENT VARCHAR A user-supplied comment specified on creation of the directed query, up to 128 characters.
CREATION_DATE TIMESTAMPTZ Specifies when the directed query was created.
INPUT_QUERY VARCHAR The input query that is associated with this directed query. Multiple directed queries can map to the same input query.
ANNOTATED_QUERY VARCHAR The directed query that was saved with CREATE DIRECTED QUERY.



Truncated Query Results

Query results for the fields INPUT_QUERY and INPUT_QUERY are truncated after ~32K characters. You can get the full content of both fields in two ways: