Removes the specified storage location. Dropping a storage location is a permanent operation and cannot be undone. Therefore, you must retire a storage location before dropping it.


DROP_LOCATION ( 'path' , 'node' ) 



Specifies where the storage location to drop is mounted.


The Vertica node where the location is available. A value of '' (an empty string) means to perform this operation on all nodes.



Retiring a Storage Location

Retiring a storage location lets you verify that you do not need the storage before dropping it. You can also restore a retired storage location if you determine it is still in use.

Dropping a Shared Location

When a storage location is created in a shared location, such as HDFS, Vertica creates subdirectories for each node to prevent conflicts. For example, suppose you create a shared storage location in /data. The location for v_vmart_node0001 is /data/v_vmart_node0001, the location for v_vmart_node0002 is /data/v_vmart_node0002, and so on. To drop a location on only one node, use the node-specific path such as /data/v_vmart_node0002. To drop a location on all nodes, use the same path that you used to create it (/data in this example).

Storage Locations with Temp and Data Files

If you use a storage location to store data and then alter it to store only temp files, the location can still contain data files. Vertica does not let you drop a storage location containing data files. You can use the function MOVE_RETIRED_LOCATION_DATA to manually merge out the data files from the storage location, or you can drop partitions. Deleting data files does not work.


The following example shows how to drop a previously retired storage location on v_vmart_node0003:

=> SELECT DROP_LOCATION('/data', 'v_vmart_node0003');