Downloading and Running UDx Example Code

You can download all of the examples shown in this documentation, and many more, from the Vertica GitHub repository. This repository includes examples of all types of UDxs.

You can download the examples in either of two ways:

  • Download the ZIP file. Extract the contents of the file into a directory.
  • Clone the repository. Using a terminal window, run the following command:
  • $ git clone

The repository includes a makefile that you can use to compile the C++ and Java examples. It also includes .sql files that load and use the examples. See the README file for instructions on compiling and running the examples. To compile the examples you will need g++ or a JDK and make. See Setting Up a Development Environment for related information.

Running the examples not only helps you understand how a UDx works, but also helps you ensure your development environment is properly set up to compile UDx libraries.

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