vsql Environment Variables

Set one or more of the following environment variables to be used by the defined properties automatically, each time you start vsql:

Variable Description
PAGER If the query results do not fit on the screen, they are piped through this command. Typical values are more or less. The default is platform-dependent. Use the \pset command to enable/disable the pager.
VSQL_DATABASE The database to which you are connecting. For example, VMart.
TMPDIR Directory for storing temporary files. The default is platform-dependent. On Unix-like systems the default is /tmp.
Editor used by the \e command. The variables are examined in the order listed; the first that is set is used.
VSQL_HOME By default, the vsql program reads configuration files from the user's home directory. In cases where this is not desirable, the configuration file location can be overridden by setting the VSQL_HOME environment variable in a way that does not require modifying a shared resource.
VSQL_HOST Host name or IP address of the Vertica node.
VSQL_PASSWORD The database password. Using this environment variable increases site security by precluding the need to enter the database password on the command line.
VSQL_PORT Port to use for the connection.
VSQL_SSLMODE Specifies whether and how clients such as admintools use SSL when connecting to servers.
VSQL_USER User name to use for the connection.