Launch MC and AWS Resources with a CloudFormation Template

Launch Management Console (MC) and its associated AWS resources using CloudFormation templates (CFTs) that are available through the AWS Marketplace. For a list of available CFTs, see CloudFormation Template (CFT) Overview.

Starting in the AWS Marketplace, launch the provisioning instance from which you can install Vertica.:

  1. Log in to the AWS Marketplace with an AWS account (see the Prerequisites section above).
  2. Search for "Vertica" in the AWS Marketplace.
  3. Select a Vertica CFT. Each CFT leads you to a product overview page, with pricing estimates. (Also see CloudFormation Template (CFT) Overview for an overview of available templates and products).
  4. Click Continue to Subscribe.
  5. On the next page, select your launch settings based on your requirements for deployment.
  6. If you have not agreed to Vertica EULA terms on the AWS Marketplace before, click Accept Software Terms to subscribe.
  7. Click Launch with CloudFormation Console. The CloudFormation Console opens.
  8. The CloudFormation Console automatically supplies the URL in the Specify an Amazon S3 template URL field. Click Next.
  9. Follow the CloudFormation workflow and enter the parameters (collectively called a stack).
    Important: Take note of the username and password you set for Management Console during this step. You cannot recover or reset these credentials after you create the stack.
  10. After confirming the details you have provided for your new stack, click Create. The AWS console brings you to the Stacks page, where you can view the progress of the creation process. The process takes several minutes.

  11. The Outputs tab displays information about accessing your environment after the process completes.

Next, access the Management Console (MC) to deploy your cluster instances and create a database, as described in Access Management Console.