TLS Authentication

Server authentication methods define how clients connect to a Vertica server. Before you define a TLS authentication method, you should understand what type of authentication methods your Vertica server supports. You should also perform any prerequisite tasks.

In regards to SSL, your server can operate with:

  • No SSL
  • SSL Server Mode —The client does not need certificate or key files.
  • SSL Mutual Mode —The client needs certificate, key, and certificate authority files.

SSL modes are independent of authentication, except that the SSL client self-authentication method requires that your server be set-up in SSL Mutual Mode. Otherwise, if you are not implementing client self-authentication method, you can use TLS authentication with either SSL Server Mode or SSL Mutual Mode.

Before you create a TLS authentication method, perform the pre-requisite tasks necessary for your specific environment (for example, certificate creation). Refer to TLS Protocol and all subsections applicable to your environment.

To create a TLS authentication method, use the command CREATE AUTHENTICATION as documented in the SQL Reference Manual.

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