System Limits

This section describes the system limits on the size and number of objects in a Vertica database. In most cases, computer memory and disk drive are the limiting factors.

Item Limit


Maximum 128 (without Vertica assistance)

Database size

Approximates the number of files times the file size on a platform, depending on the maximum disk configuration

Table size

The smaller of:

  • 2^64 rows per node
  • 2^63 bytes per column

Row size

32,768,000 bytes

Row size is approximately the sum of its maximum column sizes, where, for example, a VARCHAR(80) has a maximum size of 80 bytes. 

Key size

Limited only by row size

Tables/projections per database

Limited by physical RAM, as the catalog must fit in memory.

Concurrent connections per node

Default of 50, limited by physical RAM (or threads per process), typically 1024

Concurrent connections per cluster

Limited by physical RAM of a single node (or threads per process), typically 1024

Columns per table


Rows per load


ROS containers per projection


See Minimizing Partitions in the Administrator's Guide.

Length of fixed-length column

65000 bytes

Length of variable-length column

32000000 bytes

Length of basic names

128 bytes. Basic names include table names, column names, etc.

Query length

No limit

Depth of nesting subqueries

Unlimited in FROM, WHERE, and HAVING clauses