Removes the specified view. Vertica does not check for dependencies on the dropped view. After dropping a view, other views that reference it fail.

If you drop a view and replace it with another view or table with the same name and column names, other views that reference that name use the new view. If you change the column data type in the new view, the server coerces the old data type to the new one if possible; otherwise, it returns an error.


DROP VIEW [ IF EXISTS ] [[database.]schema.]view[,…]



Specifies not to report an error if the views to drop do not exist. Use this clause in SQL scripts to avoid errors on dropping non-existent objects before attempting to create them.


Specifies a schema, by default public. If schema is any schema other than public, you must supply the schema name. For example:


If you specify a database, it must be the current database.

view Name of a view to drop.


One of the following

  • View owner and USAGE privileges
  • Schema owner


=> DROP VIEW myview;