SUM [Aggregate]

Computes the sum of an expression over a group of rows. SUM returns a DOUBLE PRECISION value for a floating-point expression. Otherwise, the return value is the same as the expression data type.

The SUM aggregate function differs from the SUM analytic function, which computes the sum of an expression over a group of rows within a window.

Behavior Type



SUM ( [ ALL | DISTINCT ] expression )



Invokes the aggregate function for all rows in the group (default)


Invokes the aggregate function for all distinct non-null values of the expression found in the group


Any NUMERIC data type or any non-numeric data type that can be implicitly converted to a numeric data type. The function returns the same data type as the numeric data type of the argument.

Overflow Handling

If you encounter data overflow when using SUM(), use SUM_FLOAT which converts the data to a floating point. By default, Vertica allows silent numeric overflow when you call this function on numeric data types. For more information on this behavior and how to change it, see Numeric Data Type Overflow with SUM, SUM_FLOAT, and AVG.


The following query returns the total sum of the product_cost column.

=> SELECT SUM(product_cost) AS cost FROM product_dimension;
(1 row)