Viewing Cluster Infrastructure

For a summary of all databases and clusters currently monitored by MC, click View Your Infrastructure on the MC Home page.

The first tab on the Infrastructure page, Database and Cluster View, is overview of the infrastructure of all the clusters and databases currently monitored by MC.

Three rows are displayed: Infrastructure, Clusters, and Databases.

  • Infrastructure. This is type of environment (on-premises, AWS, or Apache Hadoop) on which your clusters reside.
  • Clusters. Click a cluster to see its full details. From the dialog that opens, you can:
  • Databases. A numbered badge on the top right displays the number of highest-priority messages from that database are in your inbox. If a handshake icon () displays next to "Type," that indicates the database is running in Eon Mode.

    Click any database for more details. From the dialog that opens, you can: 

In the screen capture below, MC is monitoring two different clusters that both reside on an AWS environment. One database is running on each cluster. The DemoDB database, displayed on the left, has a handshake icon next to its Type label that indicates it is running in Eon Mode. The VMart database on the 3-node cluster, displayed on the right, is running in Enterprise Mode.