Vertica Analytics Platform Version 9.2.x Documentation

Kafka TLS/SSL Example Overview

The following topics step you through the process of setting up TLS/SSL between Vertica, Kafka, and the scheduler. In this example:

  • All certificates are signed by a single self-signed root CA. Using the same CA is the easiest way of configuring TLS/SSL, as all of the systems can use the same CA verify each other's identity.
  • Vertica, the scheduler, and Kafka verify each other's identity. This verification provides the most security.

The steps in this example are

  1. Kafka TLS/SSL Example Part 1: Create the Root CA.
  2. Kafka TLS/SSL Example Part 2: Configure Vertica for Mutual Authentication.
  3. Kafka TLS/SSL Example Part 3: Configure Kafka.
  4. Kafka TLS/SSL Example Part 4: Loading Data Directly From Kafka.
  5. Kafka TLS-SSL Example Part 5: Configure the Scheduler.

In your own environment, you may not need to follow all of these steps depending on which connections you want encrypted.