Reinstalling Packages

In most cases, Vertica automatically reinstalls all default packages when you restart your database for the first time after running the upgrade script. Occasionally, however, one or more packages might fail to reinstall correctly.

To verify that Vertica succeeded in reinstalling all packages:

  1. Restart the database after upgrading.
  2. Enter an incorrect password.

If any packages failed to reinstall, Vertica issues a message that specifies the uninstalled packages. In this case, run the admintools command install_package with the option --force-reinstall

$ admintools -t install_package -d db-name -p password -P pkg-spec --force-reinstall


Option Function
-d db‑name
Database name
-p password
Database administrator password
-P pkg

Specifies which packages to install, where pkg is one of the following:

  • The name of a package—for example, flextable
  • all: All available packages
  • default : All default packages that are currently installed


Force installation of a package even if it is already installed.


Force reinstallation of default packages:

$ admintools -t install_package -d VMart -p 'password' -P default --force-reinstall

Force reinstallation of one package, flextable:

$ admintools -t install_package -d VMart -p 'password' -P flextable --force-reinstall