Uninstalling Vertica

For each host in the cluster:

  1. Choose a host machine and log in as root (or log in as another user and switch to root).

    $ su - root
    password: root-password
  2. Find the name of the package that is installed:


    # rpm -qa | grep vertica


    # dpkg -l | grep vertica
  3. Remove the package:


    # rpm -e package


    # dpkg -r package

If you want to delete the configuration file used with your installation, you can choose to delete the /opt/vertica/ directory and all subdirectories using this command: # rm -rf /opt/vertica/

For each client system:

  1. Delete the JDBC driver jar file.
  2. Delete ODBC driver data source names.
  3. Delete the ODBC driver software:

    1. In Windows, go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
    2. Locate Vertica.
    3. Click Remove.