Validate Hosts and Create the Cluster

Host validation is the process where the MC runs tests against each host in a proposed cluster.

You can validate hosts only after you have completed the cluster installation wizard. You must validate hosts before the MC can install Vertica on each host.

At any time during the validation process, but before you create the cluster, you can add and remove hosts by clicking the appropriate button in the upper left corner of the page on MC. A Create Cluster button appears when all hosts that appear in the node list are validated.

How to Validate Hosts

To validate one or more hosts:

  1. Connect to Management Console and log in as an MC administrator.
  2. On the MC Home page, click the Databases and Clusters task.
  3. In the list of databases and clusters, select the cluster on which you have recently run the cluster installation wizard (Creating... appears under the cluster) and click View.
  4. Validate one or several hosts:

    • To validate a single host, click the host icon, then click Validate Host.
    • To validate all hosts at the same time, click All in the Node List, then click Validate Host.
    • To validate more than one host, but not all of them, Ctrl+click the host numbers in the node list, then click Validate Host.
  5. Wait while validation proceeds.

    The validation step takes several minutes to complete. The tests run in parallel for each host, so the number of hosts does not necessarily increase the amount of time it takes to validate all the hosts if you validate them at the same time. Hosts validation results in one of three possible states:

    • Green check mark—The host is valid and can be included in the cluster.
    • Orange triangle—The host can be added to the cluster, but warnings were generated. Click the tests in the host validation window to see details about the warnings.
    • Red X—The host is not valid. Click the tests in the host validation window that have red X's to see details about the errors. You must correct the errors re-validate or remove the host before MC can create the cluster.

      To remove an invalid host: Highlight the host icon or the IP address in the Node List and click Remove Host.

All hosts must be valid before you can create the cluster. Once all hosts are valid, a Create Cluster button appears near the top right corner of the page.

How to Create the Cluster

  1. Click Create Cluster to install Vertica on each host and assemble the nodes into a cluster.

    The process, done in parallel, takes a few minutes as the software is copied to each host and installed.

  2. Wait for the process to complete. When the Success dialog opens, you can do one of the following:

    • Optionally create a database on the new cluster at this time by clicking Create Database
    • Click Done to create the database at a later time

See Creating a Database on a Cluster for details on creating a database on the new cluster.