A daemon process that runs on each Vertica cluster node. The agent is used by certain clients, such as Management Console, to administer Vertica.

Agents monitor Vertica database clusters and communicate with their clients to provide the following functionality:

  • Provide local access, command, and control over database instances on a given node, using functionality similar to Administration Tools
  • Report log-level data from the Administration Tools and Vertica log files
  • Cache details from long-running jobs—such as create/start/stop database operations—that you can view through your browser
  • Track changes to data-collection and monitoring utilities and communicate updates to clients
  • Specifically for MC, communicate between all cluster nodes and MC through a webhook subscription, which automates information sharing and reports on cluster-specific issues like node state, alerts, events, and so on

The agent runs on port 5444, which must be accessible to agent clients.