Introducing the VMart Example Database

Vertica ships with a sample multi-schema database called the VMart Example Database, which represents a database that might be used by a large supermarket (VMart) to access information about its products, customers, employees, and online and physical stores. Using this example, you can create, run, optimize, and test a multi-schema database.

The VMart database contains the following schema:

  • public (automatically created in any newly created Vertica database)
  • store
  • online_Sales

VMart Database Location and Scripts

If you installed Vertica from the RPM package, the VMart schema is installed in the /opt/vertica/examples/VMart_Schema directory. This folder contains the following script files that you can use to get started quickly. Use the scripts as templates for your own applications.

Script/file name Description
vmart_count_data.sql SQL script that counts rows of all example database tables, which you can use to verify load.
vmart_define_schema.sql SQL script that defines the logical schema for each table and referential integrity constraints.
vmart_gen.cpp Data generator source code (C++).
vmart_gen Data generator executable file.
vmart_load_data.sql SQL script that loads the generated sample data to the corresponding tables using COPY DIRECT.
vmart_ queries.sql SQL script that contains concatenated sample queries for use as a training set for the Database Designer.
vmart_query_##.sql SQL scripts that contain individual queries; for example, vmart_query_01 through vmart_query_09.sql
vmart_schema_drop.sql SQL script that drops all example database tables.

For more information about the schema, tables, and queries included with the VMart example database, see the Appendix.